Gathered and Glazed
Gathered and Glazed


I’m Em, the self-taught recipe developer, photographer, and writer behind Gathered and Glazed.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I’ve spent the greater part of my life in a perpetual state of restlessness — a dissonance between the comforting lull of a sleepy suburban existence and an unrelenting dissatisfaction from staying still for too long. After graduating university and a brief stint in an office with rows and cubicles, I renounced my pre-packaged sequence of life events and started Gathered and Glazed as a creative outlet; a proper millennial soul search.

Eating whole, healthy meals hasn’t always come easy to me. Food is a fickle friend that can tyrannize the mind if its allowed. After years of keeping food in little boxes labeled “good” or “bad,” I’ve begun to find in enjoyment in indulging in moderation and creating healthier versions of the meals I love.

At Gathered and Glazed, you’ll find seasonal, plant-based versions of your favorite home recipes and treats. I hope to inspire people to create a sustainable diet that works best for their bodies and to eat holistic, healthy foods they truly enjoy. Because we eat for more than just sustenance. Food a gateway to understanding culture and forming relationships —We eat to connect.

Healthy food should be delicious and draw people closer to each other. Eat mindfully, appreciate every taste, and celebrate with people who bring you happiness. I hope to encourage this by sharing recipes to re-create, gathered around those that make you feel present.


I'm always open to collaborate on projects, whether it's sponsored posts, recipe development, photography, or other related opportunities. If you’re interested in working together, please feel free to contact me at hello (at) gatheredandglazed (dot) com or fill out the form here